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Occasionally there is a requirement to connect your regulator hose to equipment with differing connections. We offer a range of solutions via adaptors that maybe able to assist and below are just a small number of these to assist you:

Poseidon Regulators

Poseidon regulators require non-standard fittings to both Cyklon and Jetstream/Xstream regulators. These adaptors simply connect between the 2nd stage and the regulator hoses. We have two options available for each of these, a straight adaptor or one with a 360 degree, 3 way swivel joint, as follows:

Cyklon regulators Straight adaptor: Omniswivel SYM-CFI adaptor Swivel adaptor: Omniswivel SW-PC adaptor

Jetstream/Xstream regulators Straight adaptor: POSADAPT adaptor Swivel adaptor: Omniswivel SW-PE adaptor