XT-Tech LP Technical Diving Hoses | Regulator Hoses | Features & Benefits

The XT-Tech series of medium pressure flexible scuba diving hoses, have been developed with the main purpose to offer technical divers additional safety with Kevlar reinforcement in the inner braiding, combined with a smooth outer PU layer.

  • For Technical Divers
  • Lightweight
  • Inner core of Polyether based PU
  • Smooth Outer Layer
  • Kevlar Reinforcement
  • Not Positively Buoyant
  • Complies with EN250
  • Miflex Quality Manufacturing

This new XT-Tech hose configuration from Miflex, as it is not positively buoyant, is particularly appreciated & enables less abrasion around the neck, so allowing the hose to stay in place.

The XT-Tech series of diving hoses, offers the same characteristics of the traditional rubber hose, with the plus of being much lighter in weight.

This multi-layer design of hose has a polyether based PU thermoplastic inner liner, braiding of Polyester & Kevlar and an outer smooth layer of thermoplastic.