Maintenance Tips | Choosing The Right Hoses

Here we try to offer guidance and assistance on selecting and fitting your diving hoses.

Selecting the right hose

As ever when looking to purchase a new product, you should also ensure you check what you require before ordering.

We offer a choice of colours, lengths and fitting combinations and have added a range of adaptors to assist where our standard fittings may not be suitable for your requirements.

The majority of regulator and octopus hoses have a 3/8” male UNF thread for the first stage connection with a standard 9/16” female scuba style nut for connection to the regulator.

An option we have for this is for a limited range of products which require a larger thread for the first stage connection; these are usually for certain Mares and older Apeks regulators and are a ½” male UNF thread.

Occasionally there is a requirement to connect your regulator hose to equipment with differing connections. We offer a range of solutions via adaptors that maybe able to assist.

Our BCD/Inflator hoses, are all supplied with a 3/8” male UNF thread for first stage connection and a seatec style quick release couple, fitted with an internal Schrader valve. This style of connection is used where a standard quick release coupler is utilised.

This means our BCD/Inflator hoses are also suitable for dry-suit applications as well as most BCDs.

If you are unsure what you require, we always recommend you visit your local dive store or service centre – and would recommend all of our Premier Stockists who would be pleased to assist you.

Please remember safety is of absolute importance to you and for us, so always ensure you are using the right hose for the right application and if in doubt seek advice.

At no time should you consider cutting your Miflex hose and reconnecting any type of fitting to the hose, or to try and reconnect the Miflex hose fittings, as this will reduce all safety in your Miflex hose and also void all warranty.

All Miflex hoses are patented and manufactured with fittings specifically designed for purpose and then during the manufacturing process are individually tested to ensure each and every product is of the highest quality.