Carbon HD HP Diving Hoses | Adaptors & Accessories

Occasionally there is a requirement to connect your HP hose to equipment with differing connections. We offer a range of solutions via adaptors that may be able to assist and below are just a few of these to assist you:

Fitting of a Suunto Transmitter to a hose

This can be achieved by utilising a swivel pin (as with an SPG) into the transmitter and the hose to make a seal.

Do not fit the transmitter directly to the hose without this as it will not seal.

HP Gauges Adaptors

We have two styles of gauge adaptors that are suitable for gauges or transmitters that do not accept a swivel pin/airspool

HP Inline Gauge Adaptor (HL403)
HP 90 degree Gauge Adaptor (HL403-90)

1st stage HP pivot / 90 degree adaptor (PS-HP1)
Allows connection into the 1st stage with an L shape adaptor that pivots and connect you HP hose to.