About Miflex 2

One of the world’s major manufacturers of flexible hoses Miflex 2’s strength is based on Quality & Reliability of their products.

The assembly lines are totally automated and all the production is 100% tested directly on the production line. Backed by more than thirty years of experience, Miflex 2 has developed one of the most advanced know-how and is now a major and leading company in its field.

Driving innovation, Miflex 2 continuously invests resources and energies in Research & Development and thanks to this strategy has gained complete control and full automation of the manufacturing process.

Production and testing are part of the same process, so total reliability of the manufactured product can be ensured. Miflex 2’s quality system complies with the ISO9000 standards and its products have been approved by most important International Testing Houses and by the world’s leading manufacturers of household electrical products.